Design Build is a system where the builder undertakes a single contract with the owner to provide both design as well as construction services. This is not a usual case in the construction world, there are different entities involved for design and construction separately. In this case, a single entity takes care of end to end services, making it seamless and efficient since the entire project is the responsibility of one team.

Design Build

How is Design-Build a better option?

Undertaking the responsibility of delivering a project from its design to construction creates a foundation of collaboration & teamwork in the design-build team, eliminating the owner’s hassle of co-ordinating & following up with multiple entities to ensure completion. Design build also ensures quality and strategized output since the entire team is aware of the process and is collectively working for a single goal.
If not for design-build, the owner is liable to manage separate teams (sometimes more than two since many entities specialize in a separate niche) increasing probability of inefficiency, conflicts and misunderstanding. This results in the owner’s engagement to sort out disputes that occur taking their time, effort & money to ease out the process.
Design-build eliminates the extra process for the owner which includes bidding amongst construction companies once the architectural plans are built which creates a liability gap since it’s only human to point out fingers at others for the problems that occur.
The design-build team becomes liable to integrate design & construction and ensure completion of the entire process without minimal hassles for the owner. Hence design-build becomes a better option when it comes to creating a new space.
The basic understanding of design build is that there should be no more than one contract for completion of the project.
We at Supreme Constructions offer this viable service of design-build with a team of experienced professionals to reduce the owner’s hassles.
Design Build 2

What is the Process of Design Build?

At Supreme Constructions, we have a process specifically curated for design-build to ensure we deliver the best of your dream spaces.
Our experienced team follows a 15-step process in design-build:


This involves a thorough and open discussion with the client to understand their needs & expectations & decide on factors the client needs expert advice on.

Step 1: Project Needs
  • Curate a design program of the project
  • Understand the client’s budget range
Step 2: Pre-Initiation Research
  • Visit the site & examine its condition
  • Ensure governmental laws & aspects are intact to the project
  • Create a base for architectural design
Step 3: Base Design
  • Create conceptual sketches
  • Find out possible cost effective design solutions
Step 4: Construction Budget
  • Discuss specifications
  • Set up departmental budgets
  • Analyze valuable engineering options
Step 5: Finances
  • Complete construction loan (if any)
  • Receive project approval from client
  • Obtain the ‘Good Faith Estimate’


Initiate selection of features & allotting budget depending on the approved plan.

Step 6: Design Progress
  • Detailed creation of interior & exterior architectural details
  • Study options for custom materials
Step 7: Customized Selections
  • Collaborate with the interior design team
  • Sourcing of quality products & accessories
  • Negotiate builder discounts
Step 8: Construction Plans
  • Finish project engineering
  • Meet with landscape architect
Step 9: Bidding
  • Finalize building specifications
  • Examine bids
  • Fix on the budget
Step 10: Loans & Permissions
  • Acquire all legal approvals before initiating construction
  • Finalize on construction loans (if any)


Build the dream home with precision, supervision & love.
Step 11: Pre-Construction Requirements
  • Complete insurance paperwork
  • Put forward purchase orders
  • Collection releases
Step 12: Construction
  • Begin supervised construction process
  • Curate a schedule
  • Quality control on construction processes
Step 13: Partnership between Design & Build Team
  • Ensuring site visits of design team
  • Weekly meetings between design & build team
Step 14: Space Orientation
  • Finalize all selections
  • Create a manual/brochure
Step 15: Post Construction
  • Market & sell home (if required)
  • Initiation of warranty
  • Maintenance of home until possession

As listed above, our 3 stage 15 step process has been curated to ensure seamless transition from design to build as there are multiple individuals involved in a single project. The intention of our 15 step plan is to ensure high collaboration, full integration & a process that is built on human factors like trust, mutual consideration, love, teamwork, motivation & problem solving to ensure our client’s dream space is brought to reality.

To have our design-build team make your dream space turn to reality, book a consultation call with us today!

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